Student of the Month

Mary J. Tanner School had its first Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) ceremony of the school year on Friday, Sept. 30. PBIS ceremonies incorporate the pledge and announcements of lunch menus, birthdays, perfect attendance for the month, student of the month, bus of the month, the Bee Buck drawing for lunch with Mr. Morcone and recognition for positive lunchtime behavior. 

The class recognized for positive lunchtime behavior wins the Golden Spatula Award. Golden Spatula winners for the month of September were Mrs. Locke’s kindergarten class, Mrs. Bartenstein’s second grade class and Mrs. Fredette’s third-grade class.

During each month’s ceremony, students will be exposed to various jobs and careers. September’s career was education. Superintendent McGurl and board of education president Audrey Hicks spoke with children on the importance of their education and how schools are structured. Next month’s career will be public service occupations, such as nursing, law enforcement and paramedics.