2020-2021 Classroom Placement Information

2020-2021 Classroom Placement Information
Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

It is that time of year as we will soon be engaging in the process of placing students and creating class lists for next year. Our goal is to create well-balanced, appropriate classrooms that foster many learning styles, sense of community and a sense of safety for our children.

This process is taken with the utmost responsibility and requires a plethora of efforts from teachers, providers, among other professionals in the educational setting here at Mary J Tanner. We have a tremendous amount of information on your child and how they learn academically, emotionally and socially due to our hard working faculty and staff. Our faculty and staff utilizes both data and summative information that takes a great deal of detailed planning, time and discussion into making student recommendations to ensure the best fit for each child and the class.

If you feel there is specific information that we would need to take into consideration when placing your child, please write a letter or note to me directly. In the letter, describe your child's strengths, weaknesses and any other information related to their placement. Please do not include a specific request for a particular teacher as those requests are not able to be necessarily honored due to our enrollment and balancing our class make-up.

Please send the letter/note in a sealed envelope to our main office labeled "Student Information". You may also email me your letter/note directly at pmorcone@granvillecsd.org. Please send this information by: Monday, May 4, 2020. 

All of us look forward in working with you to provide a positive learning experience for all of our students. Stay well and healthy. We miss our children!

Paul Morcone
Mary J Tanner Principal