Good Afternoon, 
Unfortunately, we are continuing to see COVID positivity rates spiking across Washington County. As of Sunday, the numbers were over 8%. As a reference point, 2+% was our former reference point for serious concern last year. 

The new process and procedure for contact tracing and notification are cumbersome and time-consuming. The county is overwhelmed, and our staff is working all hours trying to keep students and staff safe in school and notified of any possible issues as fast as possible. As always, we want our information to first and foremost be accurate and as timely as possible. 

As a result of the increased positivity rate, we are making some temporary changes to our operational procedures. I apologize in advance, and I sincerely hope that these adjustments are only temporary. These changes will begin on 9/14/21.
  • Buildings are closed to the public during the day and after school. Should you need to contact the school, please do so by phone. If an in-person meeting is required, it will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  
  • All large staff meetings move to virtual unless discussed with my office in advance. Pre-scheduled GSSA meeting for this week will be allowed, as will the first mem Staff must remain in the building for the meetings.
  • Conferences and meetings at other schools should be avoided. Please see your building principal to discuss any plans you may have had that need to be adjusted. 
  • All staff/break rooms are closed until further notice. 
  • Student functions such as dances, team dinners, etc., will be postponed for the time being. A final decision on Halloween parades will be made as the event gets closer.  
  • Open house events for the year will be transitioning to a virtual format, similar to last year. 
  • Field Trips are postponed at this time. 
Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, and I remain hopeful these restrictions will be short-lived. 


2021-2022 School Year Guidance

August 16, 2021


Parents: Please take a minute to fill out our Parent and Family Engagement Survey. Thank you. 

Golden Opportunities Start Here is more than just a saying at the Granville Central School District. Due to very strong community support, the district has been able to offer a rich academic program far exceeds that norm for a  district of its size. 

Granville has committed to, not just simply providing  required school course work, but to providing learners with a host of opportunities and enrichments to support and enhance their educational experience. Granville students have access to numerous  Advanced Placement, college credit bearing and career preparation programs. In addition, Granville has award winning Future Farmers of America, business and technology programs as well as extracurricular  and athletic programs to meet the diverse interests of the student body.  

Come and start your journey towards Golden Opportunities today.  

G.C.S.D Campuses

Mary J. Tanner Primary School
Principal:  Paul Morcone

Phone: 518-642-9460
Granville Elementary School 
Phone: 518-642-9357
Granville Junior/ Senior  High School
Phone: 518-642-1051

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